Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quilling Guild Workshop

On June 11th, I held one of the Quilling Guilds quarterly workshops at the Long Eaton Art Room.  A varied group with different quilling abilites attended including two newbees, who were all soon quilling away merrilly.

My wonderful assistant Diane provided good advice and helpful hints to all the attendees. This inspired several of the throng to take on the challenge of the suggested activity, making a quilled brooch and some amazing examples were produced, from a filligree effect to one brave attendee making a replica of the strawberry badge example.

A great time was had by all, fuelled by lots of tea and coffee and my homemade treats. Here are some more photos of the colourful pieces produced on the day.

 The next Quilling Guild workshop will be held on 10th september, all are welcome. For further information on the workshop or quillng, feel free to drop in and chat to me at the artroom on thursday evenings between 6pm - 9pm. or contact me by email at

Cas Whitworth , local Quilling Guild representative and Long Eaton Art Room volunteer

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